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Aide System, New Zealand, creates high quality personal first aid kits and supplies using our human-centred system. The Aide System simplifies first aid knowledge and equipment so that you can care for your friends, loved ones, and yourself… no matter what happens. The range of adventure medical kits have been developed by two New Zealand brothers with a passion for the outdoors and a desire to create revolutionary first aid.

This weatherproof, adventure medical kit is a great all-round option for outdoor groups and families. Contained in a versatile dry bag for reduced weight and volume it includes a 48-page Aide guidebook and can carry your other small tools and equipment safe and dry. Makes an ideal first aid hub for sea kayakers, rafters, outdoor guides, or a group of trampers. The AIDE kits have been designed to be the lightest, most compact and most waterproof first aid system on the market.  AIDE System was developed specifically for rugged NZ outdoor conditions.

AIDE kits also feature extensive First Aid manuals and guides in colour on water resistant, tear proof paper. The main walls are 420D PU coated nylon with 6mm high frequency welds. Buckle is 20mm acetal.



The ultimate light and compact 'personal kit'  The VOID is designed to be carried directly on your person in a pocket or a small bag.  Weight just 90 gms. Fully waterproof.   RRP $ 19.95


This kit was designed to meet the needs of the adventure racers and multi day bikers.  It comprises of an Aide VOID, an emergency blanket and a whistle.  RRP $ 26.95


This is the personal kit for a regular outdoor adventurer, multi day tramper, back country hunter, kayaker or sailor.  All items packed waterproof in a dry bag with extra room for your mobile phone or other small personal items.   The COMP SC includes a 40 page, water proof, tear proof coloured first aid guide manual. The COMP SC is also designed to meet the needs of a small family group and fits well into any spare vehicle space.   RRP $ 49.95


This is the 'mother ship'. A kit for the instructors for groups from 5-20 persons. Ideal for school groups and serious back country guides.  The ADVENTURER SC also includes extra items such as Iodine wipes, a marking pen, resealable bag and a scalpel. It also includes the same 40 page, water proof, tear proof coloured first aid guide manual as the COMP SC. A feature of the ADVENTURER SC is the easy access to all items with the unique AIDE System dry bag 6 section pull out inner pack.  RRP $ 99.95


The Aide System has been developed to untangle the often confusing and intimidating world of first aide. Our quality adventure first aide medical kits are the working parts of the Aide System. The knowledge and skills contained in our Guidebook and Quickguide, along with the quick codes, are the keys to giving fast, effective first aid.

The diagram here illustrates how you can use the Aide System in an adventure first aid situation where the Aide System might be used. You can also use these steps in life-threatening situations.

“You and a friend are you mountain biking for the day, following some great tracks and getting some awesome downhill runs. Your friend is out front and hits a sharp corner too hard. The wheels slide and then grip hard, and your friend is thrown over the bars and into a rocky verge. It’s a huge spill. You race up to the scene and jump off your bike to help. Your friend is lying awkwardly and motionless… What do you do?”

If you’re carrying an Aide kit, you’ll be empowered and ready to help in this situation. The guidebook’s quick text and emergency procedures will help you make the best decisions in this scary situation. The clear layout and systematic labelling of the kits, supplies, and guidebook instructions will allow you to quickly help your friend – whether they have concussion, severe bleeding, a broken limb, or something more serious.

First Aid Training
We advise people to attend a certified first aid course and to recognise the limits of their competence. The system and the Aide kits are not a substitute for expert medical help or certified first aid training.


  • Standardised labelling of all supplies
  • Extensive 48-page water- and tear-resistant first aid guidebook
  • Quick codes to easily reference and find supplies
  • Soft cases to keep your vital small tools and equipment dry
  • Waterproof foil-backed plastic packaging for most supplies
  • Vacuum-sealing of bulky supplies, such as bandages, to save space
  • Personal medicine capsules to label and carry your medication safely
  • Restocking sheets, and Aideport website, for supply restocking


AIDE SYSTEM has been distributed widely throughout Australia and New Zealand over the past 10 years and is available from most leading outdoor stores.  Major outdoor stores carrying the AIDE brand include MACPAC in Australia and New Zealand and Rebel Sports in New Zealand.  For racing and multi day cyclists and mountain bikers, AIDE is also available online from Ground Effect and from many specialist cycling stores throughout NZ. Adventure Guides and Associations can purchase AIDE kits in bulk from our base here in Nelson.


First Aid

Aide System Limited products and printed materials contain guidance for initial first aid care only. You should not consider them a substitute for expert medical assistance and/or additional certified first aid training. We advise people to recognise the limits of their competence and to keep up to date with developments in first aid. We cannot accept responsibility for the use of our products by individuals.

Expiry Dates

Always keep your kit fully stocked and check its supplies expiry dates regularly. All our medical supplies have expiry dates printed or stamped on them. These range from 1-3 years depending on the materials and sterilisation for each. Aide System Limited endeavours to have all it’s stock with current expiry dates at the time of purchase. If you ever find expired or nearly expired supplies in your newly purchased kit please contact us. In these circumstances refer to the Product Returns & RefundsĀ section for more information.

CPR Guidelines

The CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) guidelines set out in our materials are based on internationally recognised standards for adult, child (up to 8 years), and infant (under 1 year) resuscitation (NZRC, Level 1 & 2, 2006). These are current at the time of publishing. We will always maintain up to date guidelines and first aid techniques for each new edition published. If you would like to up date your materials when new editions are produced please contact us so we can help keep your kit as up to date as possible.


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