Aide kits now available in Australia!

Aide System Ltd, New Zealand, creates high quality personal first aid kits and supplies using our human-centred system. The Aide System simplifies first aid knowledge and equipment so that you can care for your friends, loved ones, and yourself… no matter what happens.

The range of adventure medical kits have been developed by two New Zealand brothers with a passion for the outdoors and a desire to create revolutionary first aid.

PLEASE NOTE: Australian kits will not contain: D7 Scalpel, E4 Hand Gel, B3 Iodine Wipes, or Needles inside D3.

Innovative Features

  • Standardised labelling of all supplies
  • Extensive 48-page water- and tear-resistant first aid guidebook
  • Quick codes to easily reference and find supplies
  • Soft cases to keep your vital small tools and equipment dry
  • Waterproof foil-backed plastic packaging for most supplies
  • Vacuum-sealing of bulky supplies, such as bandages, to save space
  • Personal medicine capsules to label and carry your medication safely
  • Restocking sheets, and Aideport website, for supply restocking
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